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Hi all,

I did not do my homework and as I was trying to get netflix on my daughters Ipod touch 4g running ios 4, an upgrade to ios 6 was undertaken without being aware of the demise of the youtube app....

A very sad daughter came to me and said where is it..I want it back..

I have located the app in the store for iphone on ios 6 and have downloaded itfor syncing,, but when trying to sync to the ipod it will only come up with uninstall or will uninstall...I cannot find Install or will install..

I have the basic free mobichip browser installed and safari disabled with a high school filter applied...when I find the app direct from the marketplace, the download box is greyed out, as is spotify, which i am also trying to install..ditto netflix..

Trouble is, after 10 failed passcode attempts, I really do nor know what the code is, it is written in a safe place..until I find it, can I reset the restrictions?

help ..


iPod touch, iOS 6.0.1