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After upgrading to iOS 5, the sound alerts for text messages, app alerts, new mail, etc., when listening to music on my iTunes library, are so low I can't hear them.  Prior to upgrading to iOS5, no matter at what level the "ringer volume" was set, the sound alerts would be a consistent volume with the music. 


Now, when listening to music and a new mail message or text arrives, the music volume will lower for a brief second as expected, but the sound alert is so quiet I can hardly hear it.  Went to Verizon to ask for assistance and they told me that I wasn't adjusting my volume correctly.  Not true.  Prior to the upgrade the volume of the alert was consistent with the volume of the music, no matter what I'd set the ringer volume at.


Anyone else notice this?  Or, am I actually missing something with volume controls?  Thanks. 

iPhone 4, iOS 5