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Is no one else having this issue? It seems that with iTunes 11 they have taken away the option to sync your calendar events through iTunes and now you can only do it through iCloud. Well if you're running OS 10.6 you don't have iCloud. Is there anyway around this? I uninstalled iTunes 11 and installed 10.6.3 but then it wouldn't open because my iTunes library was created by a new version. So I just gave up and went back to iTunes 11. I have a lot of events on my macbook's iCal that would take forever for me to transfer manually, especially since iOS 6 still doesn't even allow you to copy and paste events. I'm beyond frustrated. Does anyone have an easy solution to this? I've tried GMail but all of the tutorials were confusing, and when I tried to set up my GMail account in iCal on my Macbook pro and it kept giving me errors and saying it couldn't communicate with the server or something. I believe all of this is a huge oversight by Apple and it's alienating a lof of users.

iTunes 11, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Same problem.  Just bought iphone5 and tried to sync with ical and contacts on macbook using itunes 11.  Can't figure out how to do it. 

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    Just solved problem.  Close itunes 11.  Install iphone 5 with serial cord. Open itunes.  Iphone devise will be recognized in upper right. Click on it and menus will change such that info tab appears in upper left.  click on it and you have access to menus for sync of calendars and contacts, etc.  Worked for me, hope it does for you.

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    I have the same problem. This is very recent, and seems to be because I upgraded the OS in both cases. Before I did that, everything was fine. So, now, any event that I input on the Iphone 3GS fails to show up on the Macbook Air. Not only that, when I tried the override button in Itunes, as my calendar entries in the computer were now newly made, it would not synch it on my phone.


    The final straw is that any calendar invite I get, refuses to be assigned on my calendar...


    Took it to the Apple Support folks here, and after 3-4 hours, all they did was what I told them I had already done - to do a full restore...  nothing happens. In fact, whenever I do this, I get an additional repitition of calendar entries from the older events... so, I have 6 anniversaries of my own now, and 3 birthday renditions of my friends - on the same date... !