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  • Usmaak Level 1 (50 points)

    It doesn't matter which panel you ask for.  They cannot order a specific panel manufacturer.  You'll get whichever one you get.  I've been reading this thread since the first post.  Almost all of the replacements have been Samsung.  I don't know if it's because that's all they replace with, or because that's the panel they use when people complain about IR.


    If you ask for a specific brand, they'll tell you that they can't guarantee which manufacturer will have made your screen.


    RooDot wrote:


    Well my bought at the end of July Retina, can't remember the build date, Samsung screen is showing a lot of dead pixels. The computer itself has been flawless and the screen was up till about a month ago but now has about eight dead pixels with varying brightness. I haven't had to deal with any IR though, that's a plus.


    Time for a trip to the apple store, should I be asking for a Samsung or and LG? I'm thinking Samsung is probably still superior, anyone have a part number for a Samsung screen? Open to opinions on what I should do. Thanks.

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    Yes, I think you can get one more display replacement, as long as your warranty period is not over. Just ask for it.


    I have retina screen with IR (mine is LG too), I brought it to the apple authorized office, explained the problem and when I asked for a display replacement, the employee accepted it. I hope I'll get a samsung one for replacement.


    According to what I've read from other persons posts who have experienced it, there is no perfect retina display screen, both of are defective. If you pick the LG one you will get terrible IR problem in the long run or maybe in a little while. If you get a samsung one, no terrible IR problem compared to LG one, but you can get yellow tint, or light bleeding, or dead pixel problems, in the long run, or in a little while..


    So samsung seems superior, beacuse no terrible IR at first. And considering there is not so much problem reports for samsung display comparing to LG display reports.


    At this point, I am frustrated, and I think retina display macbooks are completely garbage.

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    Hi guys, I forgot to mention to use 2880x1600 resolution (native) when doing the Inversion (pixel walk) test. You can set your resolution to 2880x1600 using SwitchResX (shareware) or have a look here: ative-resolution/


    Could you please do me a favour and recheck your panels for Inversion (pixel walk):
    1) Set resolution to 2880x1600.
    2) Go to
    3) Scroll down and click on "Next" in order to view the content of the "boxes" full screen. Click "Next" to toggle through the different options.


    Please state your panel (LG or Samsung) and whether your panel has IR issues, as well as which of the numbered patterns on that site are "flickering". Thanks!


    Mine: LG screen, no IR, week 49 rMBP, pattern 1 and 3 flicker

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    Sorry 2880x1800 that is, not 2880x1600!

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    Just got mine back today from Apple Store. They put in a Samsung display. Looks great. Hopefully that continues.

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    I did use the full retina res and the full screens on the test the first time you posted it....   No pixel walk or any other issues with my display.  I have a week 48 LG.

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    Just an update, Should be helpful for anyone thinking of buying a new rMBP:


    I ordered mine on 30/12...Original delivery estimate was between 9th and 11th of Jan. Up until this morning the estimate was 10th, however IT ARRIVED TODAY!  (Far from impressed with Apple tracking service, but can't really complain as it arrived 2 days before I was expecting! )


    Just ran the terminal command, and much to my pleasure, IT HAS SHIPPED WITH A SAMSUNG SCREEN.  This is not a replacement or anything, this is a first time buy that has shipped with a Samsung.


    Perhaps Apple are getting their act together...or I just got lucky. Who knows. Either way, I'm happy.

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    Is there any yellowish part on the bottom-left or anywhere?

  • Batman372 Level 1 (0 points)

    Congrats for yr new retina mbp ...

    Can you pls advise yr configurations ??


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    My friend got a samsung last month, top spect model.  Shipped to Thailand.  It's still a lottery.  But good luck and thanks for the heads up

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    No sign of the yellow hue as yet.... I'll keep this updated if I notice anything.


    and configuration wise, 2.6/16/256

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    It seems that week 48 all prod. with LG are OK.

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    Glad you go a good one!


    How do you find the 2.6/16/256? as far as speed and Ram usage?

    I originally bought the 2.3/8/256 came with the Samsung Screen but returned due to only having 8 Gig of Ram

    SO, after your story.. I might order the same Config.. or wait for the Haswell upgrade .



    and Thanks


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    So far so good... Seems incredibly responsive, although I haven't given it a true test yet, just getting everything set up.


    Also, just ran the test at , NO sign of any dead pixels or Yellow Hue in the bottom left.


    Fingers crossed things stay like they are at the moment.

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    Found this thread - and read it with fear - after I'd placed my order for an 15" 2.6/16GB Retina. The order was placed a few days before x-mas.


    Got it today. It's an Samsung panel (LSN) & everything looks good. Pjew!