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    chibud312 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Guys, i'm the one who posted the original message on this thread after buying my mom the 4s and having this problem with her AT&T home phone system.  As part of out testing, i even bought (end ultimately returned) 3 other bluetooth-enabled home phone systems (a differnt AT&T one, a VTech one, and cant remember who made the other one).  ALL seemed to work for a bit until this problem randomly surfaced.  Each time we had false hopes that a different system would work better, but they all eventually encountered the same problem.  Each time Apple released an IOS upgrade we hoped (and initially thought) that'd solve it, but it didnt.  We've tried all the recommended solutions folks have listed (including turning off Siri), and NONE of them fixed the problem long term.  In each situatoin, everything would seem to work fine.. anwhere from a couple days to a couple weeks, and then we'd have the same issue.


    I've since bought my own iPhone 5.  I have a different, but similar AT&T home phone system as my mom's (except mine's the 2 line version, but still bluetooth enabled).  I have the same issue with my 5!! One of my buddies has a 5, and has the same issue with his bluetooth home phone system.  I truely think the issue is with the new version of Bluetooth that apple started using in their 4s -- bluetooth 4.0, and it not being fully backward compatible with all these bluetooth home phone systems that use the earlier version of Bluetooth.  I'll be interested to hear if those of you who think you found fixes experience them long term.

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    BUY A VTECH DS6521-2 to use with your iPhone 5 and all your problems will disappear...I am not making this up. IT WORKS FLAWLESSLY!! It might be a problem with the AT&T system that you are using and you don't mention which system your buddy is using, but maybe he needs to purchase a vTech DS6521-2 too. I would consider my experience with the iPhone5 and the vTech DS6521-2 working for 50 plus days long term. Good Luck!

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    I just looked up the vtech you're suggesting, thinking maybe I'd follow your advice. It won't work for me because I need one that works with 2 landlines (I think the AT&T one might be the only one that's a 2 line phone) but I thought maybe I'd get for my mom. Unfortunately she needs 7-8 handsets and that ones expandable only to 5. But the other thing that concerns me is that, when I looked at the cellphone compatibility PDF on the vtech site where they have the phone, it lists the iPhones only up to the 4.  Not the 4s or 5. While maybe the 5 is too new to be listed (the list was dated 2012) I was bummed to not see the 4s listed, which is the one she has.

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    Hi you all!

    I've just bought a VTech phone and I'm facing same issue: I can't even pair It with my iPhone (4).

    For my surprise, iPhone 4 is listed as compatible at VTech site.

    I saw in previous posts issues with newer iPhone versions. Are there other iPhone 4 or previous version with same issue.




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