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Hi. I have a couple questions question on windows 8 and bootcamp. I know this is probably on the internet somewhere, but i can't find it anywhere if it is. So please don't strike me down for repeat questions.


My first question is wether or not widows 8 will run on the current version of bootcamp. I know that it is not fully compatible but can it be installed with few issues since the underlying code for windows 7 and 8 should be relatively similair. I have read a posting on line that says this is possible but i wanted a second opinion. I have a 64 bit version system builder edition shipping to me right now, is this ok.


My second question is when (if ever) the patches come out for winodws 8 to run perfectly on bootcamp, will I just be able to download them, Install the patches and everything will be just fine. Would/ could it be done with out having to reinstall the operating system. This is important because a system builder lisence can only be installed once and then i have to buy another copy of windows 8 for $100.


Any and all input would be great. Thanks!

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    Unless there's some critical reason you need Windows 8, you could always hold on to the license until Apple officially supports it. That being said, people have installed 8 and used the Windows 7 support software to at least get basic functionality in the meantime. It doesn't always work for everyone, though.


    And just so you know, a System Builder/OEM version of Windows can be installed as many times as you like as long as it's on the same computer. The license ties to the hardware and is not a "one and done" system. If you're reinstalling the OS all the time, you might have to call MS to activate it, but it's fully automated and takes about 5 minutes.

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    in terms of updates to win8 then as far as windows8 goes it's running on a normal "pc" not on a mac it's not virtualization here so everything works as normal


    I bought an imac 2011 version 22" 4GB ....

    I installed windows7 ultimate 64bit on it

    since I bought the digital update to windows 8 pro

    updated over the internet (you download an exe and take it from there)


    it updated fine it use the windows7 drivers so everything in terms of mac stuff works as before

    I let it update the amd video card driver and got a lot of crashes at bootup

    rolled back to the bootcamp win7 drivers and it's a lot better


    sure every now and then startup result in a crash but a reboot always get me into win8


    play games and program in win8 never had a cash when I get in and because it's native games run great


    likely when the official apple win8 support comes along I will stop getting the odd crash at boot into win8

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    Hey thanks for the input guys. Between the two of you I got all the info I need. I had a hard choosing the one who answered me the best. I'll just go and install it and see if it will do no harm. Thanks again!