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I cannot gain access to March on my ipad calendar does anyone know why?. Thanks

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    King_Penguin Level 10 Level 10 (95,085 points)

    Try removing any all-day events from the calendar for the 1st April 2013 e.g. if you are syncing the calendar from somewhere else (e.g. Outlook on a PC or iCal/Calendar on a Mac) then change it to a timed event instead of all-day (if you don't sync your calendar from anywhere then try going into list view, go to 1st April and change any 'all day' events to times e.g. change Easter Monday to start at something like 4am) - it seems that there is a problem with all day events on that date which is when the clocks change due to daylight saving on the day before.

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    Got one second generation and one third generation iPad and both have the same problem, so come on Apple do an update as some of us have appointments we can't put for March NOW! Pease hope someone from Apple actually reads these post on their forum.



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    Hey KP.  Curious as to what font you use in your posts, TNR?  I'm using Chrome and IMO, it's not near as easy to read as the default forum font.

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    You can put your appointments in march, if you simply remove or edit the all day event on April 1.

    But if you want to let Apple know how you feel, http://www.apple.com/feedback/


    This is simply a user to user forum. 'Apple' isn't here. Just other people like you.

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    I think that it's Lucida Grande, which looks ok (to me anyway) on Atomic Web and Safari on an iPad - all posts on this thread look the same to me on Safari on my Mac.

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    Your post that I'm replying to now appears to be the default font.  Do you choose the LG font when you post or is it the default for you?  Do your normal posts with the LG font appear the same to you as other posts?  To me, in Chrome, they are vastly different.  No big deal either way, was just curious whether it was a choice of yours or some settng on your end or mine.


    Any others see the same thing with KP posts?