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I am very confused at this point.    For a while now, we have 4 devices in this house that sync to whatever music is purchased.   If my daughter downloads something on her phone it appears on my phone and also on both our iPads.   If I download something the reverse isn't true...It doesn't appear on my daughter's devices at all.   That's not really my question as to why but what I am confused about is I encouraged a friend of mine to buy the iPhone 5 and said everything syncs, apps, music, notes, etc.   She bought the phone and the apps synced but her music when something was purchased did not.   I said that's impossible, it syncs on all my devices.   She went to the Apple store to see why her music wasn't going from one device to the next and was told there's iTunes match.   Is this new?   I don't subscribe to iTunes match.   My daughter and I have the iPhone 4 and iPads and I literally have all the songs she purchases on my phone as well as on my iPad.   So is this something that is no longer available unless you subscribe to iTunes match?

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