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Hey All,



Can I export a Logic Pro (9.1.8) project into an AAF project file, without audio files being split up in an .L and .R wav file?



I have a Logic Pro project with 19 audio tracks (all are stereo, in wav format).

When exporting to AAF, I have 39 files!

That is, one .AAF file and 38 audio wav files with either a .L (for left channel) or .R (for right channel) suffix.


Why, does Logic Pro split these audio files?

In the export to AAF sequence there is no option to disable the splitting of audio tracks.


Any help/suggestion is welcome

Logic Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), Apogee DUET 2 (USB) external audio
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    Looks like AAF does not support "Interleaved" stereo files so they are going to be split into L/R. Overall this offers the greatest compatibility for importing into other systems, especially digital video editing software/hardware which is what AAF was originally designed for. (audio/video)

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    Hey Pancenter,


    Thanks for replying.

    I already figured out Logic Pro does not support interleaved stereo files export.

    However, importing my AAF project does not succeed in Auria (iPad DAW).

    So, I have to change my Mac DAW or iPad DAW. Or even import each WAV file separately and then rearrange all the file in the correct order.

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    It's the AAF standard that does not support interleaved export, Logic can handle it no problem.


    What type of error do you get and have you tried it with a small project?

    Did you move the folder with the associated audio files into the same location as the .AAF file? The AAF file itself is just a small data file with no audio.


    I've imported Logic's AAF files into the University's Nuendo systems without problems so I know Logic's AAF export is valid. (Logic 9.xx)