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My iPhone 5 Bluetooth is not working in my 2012 Honda Accord! My 3GS worked fine. Attempts to reset the device have failed. When my phone is set to "Search for Available Devices," the gear wheel just spins indefinitely but never identifies the new phone. No error messages appear. Apple tech support tells me the new phone may be "incompatible" with some cars?! Seriously?! Any suggestions would be much appreciated...

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    Hey fellow Accord owner. I experinced the same promblem with my 2011 Accord coupe this morining. I was furious becuase my iphone 5 would not pair. It was able to loacte handsfreelink but would not pair. I was ready to give up. It would find it and would not connect. Out of frustration i kept pressing on "not connected" message furiously for about 10 times until the iphone 5 finanly gave and and connected. I tested it it works fine i can receive calls without slowing down or anything. The only thing that is not working properly but i can live with is when i get in to my car even though the bluetooth is turned on, it will not automatically connect with the car i would have to go and manually press the infamour " not connected" message. Excuse my mispelling and i hope it works for you.