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I've been trying to use better passwords lately. I found a good random password generator that allows you to select up to 99! characters and to specify to use punctuation (or not). The ones I've generated are typically 15 characters such as: D!O/ ~i{d]#V2js I save them to the end of an obscure unrelated text file on my mac and then cut and paste into the password windows of each place I need to get into - no way I'm going to remember it. This is great, especially for places like my bank that requires me to change passwords every 4 months, plus these get top marks on password scores. However, when I went to change my password for the Apple groups or for my Apple ID I found I couldn't paste into any password window. Wassup with that? Trying to make it more secure?

What this has resulted in me doing is actually choosing a less secure password with the minimum number of characters and no punctuation because of having to do it manually each time. Sure, I could have the browser save the password but this seems less secure to me as it's likely well known to evil-doers where/how to hack this feature, plus it is a pain if I do want to change it frequently which is a good idea according to security wonks.