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At my work we have an iCloud account set up where we all share the company calendar. The calendar is created and managed through iCloud. A few months ago we started to get a lot of unwanted/random alerts. The are always set for 0 minutes before the event, but I personally seen them pop up after the event as well. A majority of the alerts happen with repeating events. I've tried to manually set them back to none but the alerts come back. I've checked the companies computers and no one has Add Default Alerts set in there preferences. I've even seen alerts get set for events that I personally created and know for a fact weren't set. I know you can just turn off alerts on the iMac, but people that have the cal on their phone still receive that alerts.


So, how can I prevent the alerts from being created, and second is there a way to turn off iCal alerts within the iPhone? Thanks

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    I just discovered that when I view the events on www.icloud.com the ones that are improperly alerting for me show up there with the alert option turned on, even though they don't show as alerting on the macs or ios devices. So far, it seems that turning off the alert on www.icloud.com fixes the event on the icloud server (so it won't get sent to all the devices).  It doesn't fix the cause. That's something Apple has to figure out.


    But I think it's related somehow to the mac Calendar Preferences Alerts options. In the latest Lion, either someone has Events>At Time Of Event as their preference, or the default of None is not working. On each mac, try toggling that preference to some value you don't want, like 5 minutes before, then close and reopen preference and turn it back to None.

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    I haven't tried the toggling method, but I have checked icloud.com and at the time there were no events turned on. On Sunday, I physically checked every event in every cal for the week and so far there has been at least 5 alerts that come in at the time of the event. Actually, I've been noticing they arrive after the event even though when you check they're marked at 0 mins. I've run programs like iCal Cleaner which do set alerts back to none, but they are still showing up anyways.


    Im super at a loss about what to do. There is no logic to the cal within iCloud that these alerts are happening, type of event, or time of day.