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I will just go to my main concern.


I lost the phone of my aunt which is an iPhone 4. It was stolen from my bag. Out of common sense, I have to find a replacement because I know the my aunt invested money on it. However, brand new iPhone 4 here on our country are still pretty expensive for my budget. It is also hard to find becuase mostly stores no longer carry it becuase there is now iPhone 5. So, i have no choice, but to purchase a second-hand iPhone 4. So far, the second-hand iPhone 4 that I saw are from Singapore and Japan.


Now, my question. How can I be sure that the iPhone 4 that I purchase will work in the United States when my aunt will go back to the US. She works and live in the United States. I want to make sure that she can use the phone when she goes back to the United States.


Please please please I need help.


I am already stressed finding money to buy a replacement. 

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