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This is a silly question. Just getting started with Aperture. How can I save my edited pictures to a folder on my desktop or any other location on my computer?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Not a silly question.

    Select the photos you want > File menu > Export > Versions.

    In the Image Export dialog select a location and choose an Export Preset (JPEG Original Size is the default).

    Note - original size refers to pixel dimensions and at the bottom of the Export Preset drop-down is the 'Edit' item which will let you modify settings and / or create your own preset.

    Exporting Version exports your image with the edits you applied in Aperture.

    Exporting Master will export the original image without edits.
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    I am trying to organize my photos by moving many from one aperture library to another..I've been doing this by dragging the photo onto my desktop.  Deleting it from the library it came from - opening up a new library and dragging it into that library... Now I'm worried that by doing this - I've lost integrity and original file size of the photos.  Does anyone know?  It's so easy to work this way - much quicker than exporting to a file and then importing.. Thank you.

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    See you other thread - and stop what you're doing immediately.