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1.  If I click the plus to add an event, I get a stupid popup window:

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 9.28.22 PM.JPEG


and I then have to hit Enter to set up an event.


2.  I then get this braind-dead window:


Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 9.30.21 PM.JPEG

Even if I select a date on the calendar, it still comes up with today's date, and a time that was guessed from a ouija board:-(  In addition changing the date/time is not terribly intuitive - it ***** compared to the same function on the iPhone version. In particular, a 24 hour time option would make this easier.


3. On the iPhone, there is an option on the calendar screen to edit an event.  It's significantly less intuitive on the Mac - either a Cmd-key option or an option selected from the menu bar on the top of the screen.  An option in the calendar window would be SO much nicer!


4.  Minor quibble - the Navigation link (upper right) is labelled 'today' but actually moves a day/month/week depending on calendar mode.  It looks like there are two functions (move by day and move by calendar view unit) which are force-merged into one control.


5. I'd like more options for printing a paper calendar (this establishment is not yet 100% committed to the cloud!) and formatting, best would be a specification for fields to be exported to the clipboard for pasting into the wordprocessor of your choice.


6. Add an option or spec for end date to be optional.  Sometimes it's not relevant


However - credit where credit is due - it's a real blessing to be able to select how the week begins (Sun or Mon - or even anything else!).  Also, using the cloud is working quite well for multiple device synch.


I hope someone is listening....

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I hope someone is listening....

    Yes, but only us other users. Not much point swearing at us about what you don't like.


    using the cloud is working quite well for multiple device synch.

    You should consider adding, and possibly also editing, events on the iPhone instead of on your Mac.




    #1 and second part of #2: Simply double-click on the date for a new event, then start writing its title and hit enter. It will create an all-day event with some default values, such as default calendar and alarm. If you want something else, another double-click on it opens it for you to edit.

    #3: Again, double-click on the event, or select it and press Command-I. (Command-I is system-wide "Get Info").

    #4: Click on Today and go to today, click on one of the arrows and move forward or backwards, depending on the view you chose, indeed. (Try to click on Today if that's what you want, avoid the arrows unless you want to flick around.)

    #5: Have you actually launched the print dialog and played with all options? Seriously, I can't imagine what you're missing...

    How about saving a print as PDF? Some word processors allow to import/position this. Okay, a number more clicks, but in Preview you can also export the PDF as JPG or else for further use.

    #6: Just ignore the end date, then it'll be the same as the start date unless the event begins just before midnight.


    If you can't - or don't want to - live with it, check out the App Store. Last time I noticed there were tons of calendars. Not that I looked closer or even downloaded one... I got used to Calendar and it works for me.

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    I still think the + button is - shall we say - poorly implemented, and that editing an event time requires tabbing between fields or constant clicking to go between hour, minute, and am/pm.  Same thing for a date (end of repeat, for example).


    Reason I hadn't stumbled on the double click on a date is that I normally use the list view, and double clicking on the monthly calendar at the lower left of that screen is useless.  That helps a great deal.


    As far as printing, I've played with the PDF approach.  I may decide to live with the monthly view, or write a program (script) to format what I want. If there were a way to retain print dialog options, that would also help - it may be there but I haven't discovered it yet. Right now that's way down in my queue; I've been using the iMac for less  than two months and there's still a lot of learning and tweaking. I need to look into the capabilities of default write (from the cmd line - 'you will have to pry my command line from my cold dead fingers'...).



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    Calendar in Mountain Lion is a huge step backwards.  Birthdays don't appear on my calendar even with the Birthdays calendar enabled (they show up on my iPhone though).  We have lost even the meagre snooze options we had in the Snow Leopard version.


    Listen up Apple: maybe if you spent less of your developers' time making torn paper graphics, and other useless things like a calendar page turning when you swipe, you could build a Calendar application that actually makes life easier for your loyal users. 


    Good lord Apple, you can't get a calendar right? Sheesh.  Honestly, I'd be better off with a Windows calendar from the 1990s.  


    An extremely annoyed Calendar user.