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Our Mac clients seem to be bound correctly to our network account server.

Users are able to access network Home folders on the server and surf the internet as expected, but after a few hours of being loged in the users lose access to their network home folder and are not able to download anything like attachments from a browser... though they continue to have internet access...  we tried making the clients never go to sleep as well as replaced all networks switches that were old...  logging out then back in gets them back working but only for a few hours...


this is a problem that has been bugging us since we installed the mac mini server and mac clients



1 mac mini server

4 mac mini clients

1 mac pro


We are only running the DNS server, file shareing and open directory....

The DHCP server is running on our firewall utility...


All purchased in the past month from the apple store.


Any idea why the clients connection to the server is not stable?


Thanks for any ideas...

Mac mini, OS X Server
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    Have the same issue, hoping for a solution.

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    Lets see if you have a network/connectivity issue.


    Start an all day ping from 2 macs hitting the LAN address of your router

    And run a constant ping from 2 macs to your server.


    You might find that you have a LAN or Wifi issue.

    A brief drop could cause you to lose a server connection.

    Maybe nothing to do with the server.


    If you find that the machines pinging the router have 0% packet loss and the machines pinging the server have 10% packet loss, then you could have a server issue or a problem on its lan segment/wiring.

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    You think apple would of disigned the clents to have some buffer preventing the machines from dropping off the server...  or a auto reconect option...seems a bit dependant on a perfect conection...


    Ill try the Ping test,  but i think the problem is in the clients Sleep funtion...My staff has experianced 90% less network dropings since i made the clients never go to sleep...


    What does that sound like?


    Thanks your your input....

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    Ok no Packet loss on any of the clients. Or server after 12 hours of pinging

    This issue only happens when the computers sleep...