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We are planning to buy new desktop systems.

Since we work with big files, we love the idea about Fusion drive.


Now my only question. Does this help when you use Network drives.

Since the files are not stored on the system, but on the network, I think its better to have a server with fusion in it?


An other solution might be using a mobile account on the desktop servers.

Since (a copy of) all files is stored on the computer I think the speed will be approved if we use files wit fusion drive.


Hope somebody can give his opinion with should be the best solution.

Now working on the systems is very slow, and often a "turning ball" system is there, when we are accessing files.





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    If you are working with big files, why use network homes?


    Fusion drive is great, on new systems or added to older systems...


    Do you have a requirement to use network homes?

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    Hi Uptime Jeff,


    I 100% agree with your comment.

    I would love to stop using network drives. It is slow, and I have often problems if the network is having issues.

    There is only 1 reason why we use network drives and that is because we work on iMacs in office, and use Macbooks abrought. Since we can use the same homedrive (especially the /library/ folder with settings, passwords etc) on iMac and Macbook we make use of network drives.


    Is there an other way to do this, then we can stop the full network drive.