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I upaded my Iphone 3GS IOS from 4 to 6 with automatically backup from itune, but after that, the iphone could not restore any more, all my date lost.

it shows "An error occurred while restoring this iPhone (-36)", it tells that the iphone does not have enough space for restore.

I did on my iphone 4 without any problem.

iPhone 3GS (8GB), iOS 4
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    I found this in another thread


    +Have you tried to put the phone into Emergency Recovery Mode? Warning! All personal data will be erased and will have to be restored from a prior sync!+

    +You can put your iPhone into Emergency Recovery Mode by turning the phone off. Now, don't turn it on just yet. Plug the USB nine-pin connector into the bottom of the iPhone but not connected to your computer's USB port. Now, press and hold the Home button (the big round button at the bottom) while you are plugging in the USB cable into the computer's USB port. The phone will appear to be starting but what is going to be different is that you will only see a black screen with a picture of the USB cable and the iTunes program icon. Now you are in Emergency Recovery Mode. Start iTunes and it will detect an iPhone in recovery mode and then tell it to restore the phone.+

    +This will correct 99% of all firmware/OS upgrade issues on the iPhone since you're basically starting from scratch.+

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    As Steve wrote try recovery mode if issue persist check you antivirus and firewall sometimes can hapen conflicts it's better to unable them until you do the restore.


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