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I have a 4th Gen 20GB clickwheel iPod which I thought had a bad HDD. If I try to play any song, the pause/play indicator on the screen changes to play, but the time counter stays in 0:00 and the song doesn't play. I went into diagnostic mode and did all of the tests including HDD R/W and Scan and results are always OK. Still thinking it had to be a bad HDD, I connected the iPod to my computer and if I go to iTunes and play the songs from the connected iPod (NOT from the iTunes library), they play fine. I left it connected and it played through more than 10 songs without any problems. Disconnected the iPod from the computer, tried to play songs, and again songs don't play and counter stays in 0:00. Have reset iPod many times and tried pretty much everything.

Any help on this issue??


iPod classic, iOS 3.1