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Up until a month ago I was able to print wirelessly on my Epson Stylus NX430, but now when I try to print I get an Error message. I sat on the phone with Espon and we confirmed that the connection is fine. The drivers are up to date. We uninstalled and reinstalled the printer numerous times. We are able to print a test page using the Espon Utility. However, when I go to print from Word or Text/Edit it does not work. I get an error message. Oddly enough it will print a document every so often, but not always. Epson has said that it is most likely a setting on my computer. Can someone help?

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    Um... what does the error message say?

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    That's the frustrating part. The printer queue just shows "Error" in the status for the document i'm trying to print. There is no explanation along with it. The printer queue shows that it's trying to find the printer and then the Error comes back after about 30 seconds.


    Last night I tried pinging the printer again and 0 of the 4 pings made it to the printer. This was different than when I was on the phone with Epson. Given the sporadic printing and the sporadic ping results it seems to be a communication error. Any thoughts out there on how to resolve?



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    My Epson is doing the SAME thing....SO frustrating!  I just recently got a new router and it has not been able to print since!  I have uninstalled, reinstalled, and all the connections look fine, but still NOTHING!  I will get a test page to print every now and then, but mostly I get the "error" message that you explained in your post.  HELP!!!



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    It's generally better to start your own Topic, rather than adding onto an existing one.  Especially one w/no activity for nearly a month!



    Please start a new topic about your issue so it can receive more focused attention.  Also, it would be very helpful if you supply your system profile which you left blank.




















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    I am having the same trouble with my Epson NX430.  It prints the test page, and will ocassionally print but not consistently.  I have been on the phone with Epson.... no help there  On the phone with Apple..... no help there.  I just get and error message.  Sometime if I have a word document that wont print and I copy and paste it into a new document it will print just once.   Help.  I really don't want to replace a printer that is only one year old  If I do I will not buy an Epson.