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i decide to restart my mac, so i did ( i hit restart  from apple menu)

it shut down, tryed to boot, but with grey horizontal loading bar, it was loaded about 10% and then it shut down again


i tryed 5 - 10 times.  same story


then i start it with disk utility, and it says that disk cant be repaired, save your data format the disk and reinstall your mountain lion.


ok! if the disk broken (i wonder how could it be???) and i must format disk again,

how i supose to save my data?  coz i cant get to finder or anything else


how could it happened with 3 month usage

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Ouch.  Hard disks and filesystems do break, and sometime they break young.. and sometimes they last for 10 years (like my old Powerbook).  If the file system can be repaired by reformatting then that it is good, but it could easily be a physical failure.


    Hopefully you have a backup of your data with Time Machine, or even with a cloud service like Dropbox.  If not, then you have some real problems.


    by the way - if you Mac is that young, you are still covered by AppleCare.  Give them a call.

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    Every new mac that i buy, do break faster than previous!!!

    (and YES. My old "PowerBook G4 12 dvi" keep works fine too, PPC unbreakable )


    But, in that case, I dont have a backup, I was planning to do it at coming weekend. no luck.

    Disk utility says "save my data..." but dont say HOW.

    The only solution in my mind is Target Disk Mode.


    And i tryed...


    • I have another iMac (white one latest 2007, running Leopard 10.5.8)

    • 2 firewire 800 cables (they work, checked with WD mybook studio)

    • I plug new iMac to white iMac via firewire, then i turn on crashed mac and put it in Target Disk Mode by holding T.

    • firewire logo bouncing, but it doesn't mounted on white iMac ((


    So I just cant Save My Data. Its ≈200 Gb of unique information (my graphic design files)


    Apple not presented in my country yet, but we have authorized dealers, hope they wont bump me.


    Any solution to mount TDM appreciated.

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    Since you can see the drive, if you have an attached external hard drive which shows up in Disk Utility, you could try using the Restore mode of Disk Utility to copy the data to the external drive.

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    May be it could work, sorry i didn't read it in time.


    On that moment Target Disk Mode was my only solution

    Since it wasn't mount on second Mac i tryed to plug-out/plug-in the wire over 30 times

    And when i decide to stop try, it finaly mount and i save my data to external drive that i connect to second Mac.


    First Mac was in TDM so i hit power button, and by mistake i hit it twice…

    in few seconds it start work, like no problem was at all. huh


    Then i check permissions, and they was OK.    Magic


    Solved by holly ghost