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well i have an Iphone 4s and everything was great till past 3 days where i discovered that my iphone got an update and now its having a hard time accepting any apple USB to get charge well i also have an ipod touch 3 generation and i even tried to charge my iphone using that USB cable but still wont recognize the USB and wont get charge with the same cable i used before to get it charge, even the Original charger for the iphone 4s is not even charging it i went to a local store and they where surprise for this situation they were not believing in my words until they dosconected an ipad and tried to charge mine on the same USA port where the Ipad was getting charge and for their surprise it did not charge at all so i have no idea whats going on if my iphone is in excellent conditions has never being dropped or anything, never had any problem with the USB cable nothing until 3 days that started that issue i have to be suffering connecting and disconnecting my iphone till it accepts one charger please help me

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    Basic troubleshooting from the User's Guide is reset, restart, restore (first from backup then as new).  Try each of these in order until the issue is resolved.

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    thanks i just did it i went back to my novembers backup but is still having a little bit the issue my phone is working great i have no issue with the performance at all i love it but is just the charging issue that just drives me crazy to being having hard time to get it charge well now is charging trough my macbook and that was not been able yesterday hope this will resolve my issue better thank you so much

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    I experienced an issue with my device not reflecting that it was charging a couple weeks ago.  It was actually charging, but very slowly.  The device never registered that a cable was plugged in.  The only way I could resolve was a restore as new.


    That's also the only way to rule out a hardware issue.

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    Have you cleaned out the 30 pin port at the bottom of the phone? Soft brush is recommended.


    Very often such problems are non-tech, but a simple case of crud foiling connections.

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    I already did that i went back to factory setting and as i mentioned before i does accepts the cgarger but i have hard time to get it recognize and after i did the reset to my iphone at the beggining i thought it was solved the iphone started charging rith away with my ipod usb cable plugged into my macbook but once i disconecte from there and went out and spend 2 hours outside now its not getting charge anymore thats how i deal with this issue i went to my service store and they say this has never being mentioned before in the store

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    I cleaned gentely today with special care and the most strange thing is that while i plug my iphone to my macbook i have to move the cable around and it starts to charge and it was not like that im so upset i never experience this issue before and i being with apple for years i hope i get this issue resolve faster and sooner cause i cant stand being fighting with the charger every day and all day long

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    So now you kmow that the problem is mechanical, and has nothing to do with software. Get another cable.

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    I am having a similar issue. Today my phone was charged at 100%, with no apps running just my texts and phone call icons where on the dashboard thing. I had down time to mess with my phone at work and noticed it was at 43% out of no where. I hadn't even opened any apps yet. So I did a quick skim through Facebook, and said hi to a few people then closed out all the apps I had opened. Then when I got off of work I look at my phone and it was at 10%. So turned off the display and proceeded home. Got home about 10 minutes later, it was then at 1%. I rushed to my room to charge it, when I plugged it in I left it there for about a half hour. I noticed it hadn't charged one bit, but was showing the charging symbol with 1% battery still there. So I thought I'd try to restart it, I shut it off, but then to my dismay, it wouldn't turn on. So it has been shut off for the past few hours still "charging" but continues to have have the same 1% battery level. I also tried a friend's charger and the same results as if I were using mine. Does anyone know of a way to fix such an issue?


    Ignore the "in response to" part, it was meant for everyone in general.

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    AlexBeastGonzo wrote:


    I am having a similar issue.

    No, you are not.  Nothing about your posting is "similar" to the OP's issue.

    Search the forums, you will find issues that are actually similar to yours.