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In versions of Mac OS X before Lion and Mountain Lion, the Finder was capable of accessing SFTP and FTP file servers. These file servers are commonly used for uploading content to a website, or for sharing files with a group. Unfortunately, Snow Leopard was the last release to have this capability. It is possible to enable it again in Lion and Mountain Lion via the Terminal, but it isn't reliable to get anything done.


Many developers have stepped up to the plate to fill this void, and have done an excellent job. Below is a list of those apps, sorted by average rating on the Mac App Store.


  1. Forklift - BinaryNights, LLC - $19.99
    1. Supports all major file server types, including FTP and SFTP.
    2. Could serve as a Finder replacement, because it is full-featured.
    3. Has tabbed browsing.
    4. Can serve as an app uninstaller.
    5. Column, icon, list, and Cover Flow browsing views.
    6. Customizable keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Transmit - Panic, Inc - $33.99
    1. Supports mounting directly to the Finder.
    2. Can access more file server types than any other app on this list.
    3. QuickLook, thumbnail, and Cover Flow browsing views.
    4. Includes bandwidth limiting features.
    5. Two-pane view.
  3. Yummy FTP - Martin Crane Limited - $9.99
    1. Cheapest app on this list.
    2. QuickLook support.
    3. Supports FTP, FTPS, and SFTP.
    4. Automatic failure recovery.
    5. Growl integration.


Flow, another FTP client, is an excellent app. I would have recommended it, but the app is no longer under active development (the developer was hired by FaceBook). It is up to you which app you should use, as each one works best for different people.

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