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1st round (after updating to new iTunes)

- I was listening to music and playing D3, I quit the game and went on to open Safari when computer clocked

- After waiting for a while I manually shutdown and started up to a grey screen (comp would not start)

- After multiple restarts it finally displayed a folder w/question mark icon

- I dug up the original install disc OS 10.4 X and found my hdd to boot off of, comp looked like it worked

- I had to leave for a week+ and left it sleeping (figure'd I'll back everything up when I return)


2nd round

- I came back and "woke" up my computer. It clocked almost immediately and it was back to the grey screen

- Multiple PRAM and general resets later (two SMC resets) I still cannot boot up

- Tried loading the Snow upgrade disc I had and although the process to get into startup disk and disk utility was a lot faster, it ended in the same result (my hdd was not available)


I went to the Genius Bar, they confirmed that it's an hdd failure (happy they we able to) and that it would be $2xx for hdd replacement. My first priority is to backup any data I can if possible and Apple does not do data transfers??? Genius told me to go to apple.com/buy and look for service providers (only open M-F reg business hours), I'll start calling on Monday.



Is there anything else that I can do or try on my own? Any thoughts/help appreciated

- Would Disk Warrior be worth trying (my comp is not even seeing my hdd)?

- Should I try opening iMac up to clean dust / check for loose connections?

- I have a new external drive Seagate GoFlex Desk hdd, OS 10.4 X could not install because of a volume check drive error?

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    Disk Warrior is your best bet but backing up data after a HDD has failed is like putting oil & water into a blown engine....it's too late. If DW cannot help then you can go to a data recovery service, expect prices to be $500-$2000+.

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    rkaufmann87, thx for replying. I went back to the Apple Store seeing that they are the only retailer around here that may carry DW. Unfortunately they did not have it in the store and I spoke to the same Genius, he mentioned that he used DW in diagnosing my hardware failure and the light was red indicating that it could not be repaired. I kind of felt hopeful in the fact that DW saw it booting up from a different OS. If it did see it, then I could potentially see it again booted from a different drive.


    I went home to see if I could install the OS X on my external hard drive. As soon as I turned on my iMac, it displayed the apple icon with a load bar (it was slow). It took a bit, but it booted up without the OS X cd's help! I connected my external drive and am now plopping anything I can into it. Will report on the final result... I wonder if DW auto-fixed something even though it did find something unrepairable?

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    You may get luck after all, let us know.