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my friend bought his iphone at Orange UK, i do not live in the UK but i want to unlock this mobile so i will be able to use it. is that possible?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1, i can`t use the iphone right now...
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    Only the carrier it's locked to can authorize unlocking it. Have your friend contact Orange and request an unlock.

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    do you know how can i contact them?  thanks~!

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    Google is your friend.

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    IF anyone gives or sells a UK network/sim locked Iphone -They must do the unlock before dispatching it.


    If the Iphone is outside of the UK -Orange (EE) will NOT unlock it period.


    If it remains in the UK and in the hands of the original and registered owner with a minimum of three months service they are able to unlock the iPhone and process is as follows:


    ONLY “Orange (EE) ” mobile can unlock your iPhone


    First and formost YOU must be the account holder  to which the iPhone is registered otherwise they WILL NOT process the unlock .


    The process is simple:-


    1 . Phone “Orange (EE) customer services and request unlock subject to qualifying period typically 3 months on contract [Revenue protection to recoup some of the subsidy]


    2, .You will asked to confirm handset iMEi number - they check this using location equipment and the phone must be switched on and connected to the Orange (EE) network within the UK so you can't make it up !


    3. Pay unlock fee typically £20.00


    4.  Your network “Orange (EE)” forwards your iMEi to Apple to white list on their iTunes server - the mobile operator is notified by Apple when this is completed (this can take anything from 3 days to several weeks)


    5. The mobile operator “Orange (EE)” sends the registered user a text or E-mail inviting them to connect the iPhone to their iTunes account on a computer via a USB cable.


    6.  Follow on screen prompts in iTunes (on your computer) until the Congratulations you have successfully unlocked your iPhone notification


    7. The registered Orange (EE) sim card can now be removed and replaced another supported sim card.


    However its over yet:-


    Caveat you may have difficulty getting SMS/MMS texting to “send” due to the APN settings on some networks.


    Some sims may give you access to a hidden menu feature that allows you to set the correct APN manually however others don't.


    Those that don't won't let you send SMS/MMS -however you may receive them - Be warned !