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I made an account here specifically to bring up the problem that the new podcats app is unbelievably awful.

Just take a quick look at the constant stream of 1 star reviews on the app store and it should become obvious that something is badly wrong.

I spent quite some time yesterday browsing hundreds of reviews of the app and the overwhelming response is not only negative but there are countless requests insisting that it just goes back to the old itunes integrated method and that the idea of a seperate podcats app seems like a step backwards.


Do apple in any way aknowledge this app is a problem? Surely they look at what their customers are saying about it, but so far noting but minor fixes to the most serious of flaws have been addressed (eating through a month of data in 1 day etc) .

In my opinion this is a much bigger issue than the whole apple maps thing, or at least it would have been if I did not discover an excelent third party (paid) podcats app.


I am not going to list every problem here as I am sure most are well documented, but on an OS that prides its self on its intuitive design and ease of use, just how in the world did it ever seem like a good idea to require people to use 2 seperate apps in order to download a piece of audio... and don't even get me started on the desgn...


The maps issue to me was no big deal as I rarely used it but this whole mess of an app has lost my confidence in apple software.


Does anybody else here feel let down by this sorry piece of software?

Am I overdoing it? It just seems such a shoddy piece of work and way below my expectations.

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