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I currently have an Airport Extreme 5th generation working great for my home network!  My ISP Modem (on ground floor "Level-B" of 3 story house including basement) attaches to the Airport Extreme via an ethernet cable into the WAN port.  Then each of the 3 LAN ports is in use:

  • #1 going to my "main Mac" - MBP-13" just a few feet from the Airport Extreme in my lower level basement office (Level-A)
  • #2 going upstairs to a non-WiFi eMac (Feb 2005) - that's on Level-C
  • #3 going to my Canon MP640 printer/scanner so that I can use it for scanning (it is attached via USB to the Airport Extreme but that does not permit scanning)  This is located next to my MBP on Level-A


OK but now I want to try to get my 1997 LaserWriter 12/640 PS (works great!) (and I have 2 expensive toner cartridges left!) set-up and I have some instructions on how to do this.  It will likely necessitate me having my Mac Pro G4-733 running OS 9.2.2 and the LW 12/640 both connected to my network via ethernet cables.  That's 5 connections and I only have 3 ports going out.


But I do own a D-Link DIR-635 router and also an 8 port Peabird 8 por 10/100 Switch.  Can I use either of these to do the setup?


OR - can I simply unplug the MP640 printer and the eMac for an hour or so that it will take to configure (if I can) the LW 12/640?


OK but then if I do configure it, I won't need the G4-733 Power PC any longer, but I will want the LW 12/640 as part of my network so will at least need a 4th ethernet port at that time.  Do I then need to attach the router (or switch) and then connect the LW12/640 (and something else as the router or switch will use up one of the 3 Airport Extreme ethernet LAN ports…)


Thanks for any comments on how to proceed here.


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Monday 14 January 2013

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