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So, I have an appletv3, samsung HDTV. My internet is through TWC and gets an average of 18-20Mbps.

The problem doesn't seem to be streaming, but it seems to be with the appletv itself. It seems like it's a random occurance that has sprouted up in the last 6-3 months, but the samsung's screen will flicker white for a second and audio will cut out, then be 'fine'. Then it will continue to flicker and audio will cut out completely. It happens during streaming content, it happens during the screen saver, it happens when it's just on the main screen. The only thing that resolves it is to restart.


It happens maybe once a week, sometimes every couple of days, sometimes as bad as every couple of hours. It will ususally stop if the system is restarted, but recently, the problem is quite persistant. The samsung tv has no other problems with any other hdmi device (upconverting dvd player), nor any other connections (wii gaming system). I have tried 3 different HDMI cables and none of them seem to change the problem.


I'm looking for a perminant solution, or at least an explination. I am almost out of my 1 year complimentary care, so I want to get this resolved without purchasing applecare, if I can avoid it.

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