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Hi all,


My wife just got an iPhone, and I'm the photographer and the photo-archivist of the family.  She's now taking a lot of pictures, and I'd like to have access to them for our archives, blogs, etc.


So we set up her photostream (iPhone 4S, iOS 6, MacBook Pro 2011) and "shared" it with me, and it seemed to be working.


Now, though, I'm not getting any more of her pictures in my iPhoto.  When we look at HER iPhoto, there's "My Photo Stream" (which has all her iPhone pictures), but also something called "Maria's pictures," which only has SOME of her pictures.  All of THOSE appear in my iPhoto.  Do they have to be imported into her library to be shared?  That doesn't seem right.


Sorry . . . I know this is confusing.  But in short, the photos that she's now taking on her iPhone are NOT coming over to my iPhoto.  But they used to.  Any ideas?


Thank you!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8), Aperture 3.2.2, iPad 2, iPod Touch