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My new apple TV keeps trying to update and then can't complete the process. What's going on and what should i do? Thanks.

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    Are you connecting through an Ethernet or Wireless, I suggest you try connecting it through an ethernet direct to your router, wait for the update to complete then unplug it, restart and connect wirelessly if thats what you prefer, otherwise keep the ethernet cable plugged in as it is alot faster.

    Sometimes interference with other wireless devices could be stopping the update completing quicker.



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    If you are running 5.1 software and using an ethernet cable to connect to your LAN, then the ethernet cable connection is the problem.  There is a bug in 5.1 software which prevents certain routers from allowing the update.   The simplest fix is disconnect the ethernet cable from Apple TV and allow it to connect to your router over the wifi connection.  The bug is fixed in 5.1.1, so you can reconnect your preferred ethernet cable connection after the update.

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    I am connected to ethernet via a network extender. The update seems to have downloaded but it gets nearly to the end of the preparing cycle and then it gets stuck.

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    I'll give this a try.

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    Thanks. You were right.