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Hey guys, i was having my breakfast this morning,, when i was cleaning up my iPhone dropped to the floor and..... yeah you know.....

i was really worried, i picked up my phone, the exterior seems fine to me, but the interface wasn't working....

When i was about to leave my house, i found some kind of fluid on my hand, and i figured it out it was from my iPhone.

What should i do now?? i really need to make a phone call.....

Any response would be appreciated!!

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    You don't say what model phone it is, if you have applecare+ or any other kind of insurance, etc. Have you tried restart? Reset? If you don't have any insurance you can take it to an Apple store for an out of warranty replacement. Do we need to tell you to borrow someone else's phone to make a call if yours isn't working?

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    The only source for any liquid, in your phone, is the battery. You need to stop using this phone...put it in a box. Make an appointment at any Apple store. Damage like this is not covered by warranty. Apple does have an out of warranty replacement program, depending on iPhone model, the cost is US $149(3GS) ~ $229(5).

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    Fluid coming out from the iPhone? That sounds like some serious damage there bro....


    Well, don't panic by now , here are some things i want you to listen carefully


    1. Tell us your iPhone model

    2. Did you try any method of restarting the device?

    3. If you need to make a phone call, use your house phone or public boxes.

    4. The fluid you're talking about, it's proably the lithium battery

    5. That basically voids your warranty, because the damage done to it is some serious human-performed ones. So apple takes no reponsibility of that.

    6. Make a phone call to apple and describe this to them.

    7. Get your broken iPhone into a retail store and let those Genius take a look. (Make an appointment online)



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    Sorry, because i am really panicking here right now.....


    1. I just bought it recently - iPhone 5

    2. Yeah I did, nothing happens.

    3. I have contacts saved in my phone, so I literally remember no number that i can possibly dial.

    4. Yeah... It is from the battery you were saying. I thought this should no longer be included in the warranty... so i opened the device and the fluid is leaking from the battery.

    5. YES, i know

    6. I will

    7. How can i make appointments with the Genius?

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    I'd rather give you an advice here:


    If the repairment fee is just as close as buying a new one, go get a new one.


    Appointment making here: http://www.apple.com/retail/geniusbar/