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Can anybody tell me if it is possible to set my iphone 4 to limit the

answers I get to safari (or other)  questions, to, say, a couple of

months old ?

        A case in point, was asking safari what the progress of ios6.1

was. I got answers relating to ios 5.1.1 ...?

why is this old crap lying around?  on any search , surf. browse, you

get stuff  years old , why?

   This is particularly irritating  when trying get a progress/ time

related arswer .

It is said that the internet is crowded, I am sure it is, but with what?

please tell me how to frame a query  to get a topical answer,I have

tried -2011 for example, doesn't work, gives 2011 answers straight

out of the box.  Help!

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    If you use Google to do your searches in Safari, you can select an option that limits the results to a particular date range.

    Click on the "spanner" icon and click on "Time" to change the range.


    I hear their looking for somebody to tidy up the internet. Shall I put them in touch with you

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