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I did ask question like this few days ago. I set a new discussion not to confuse reader. Check table.png


My condition is I calculate salary by week so i will check my employee who came to work on each day. If i don't use the actual calendar, i wouldn't know when the weekday start and end. How can i bring the actual calendar to table? Thanks for every answers.

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    Try this, I believe it'll serve your needs.


    Based on your screenshot it looks like you're using Numbers on the iPad.  Open Numbers and click the + to create a new spreadsheet and scroll down and choose "Employee Schedule" You can modify the names, rates, etc as needed.  You can then touch the tab a the top that says "Employee Schedule" and a menu should appear select "duplicate" and then you'll have a new tab for a different day, week, month depending how you set it up. 

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    thanks for your answers,uselessSABOTAGE. after i try the "Employee Schedule" it's quite different from what i want. the table look more complicate and i don't see any date in the table. any idea if there's something i overlook.