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My iPhone 5 was stolen yesterday at 2:20 pm. I never signed up for iCloud or Find My iPhone. Is there anything I should do? I tried calling apple and AT&T but they both couldn't do anything except tell me when my last call was.


At 2:15 I was using my iPhone in my room in my apartment, then I left it there and went out to get my mail and didn't lock the door. I was gone for about 5 minutes. When I came back my iPhone was gone. Nothing else was gone. The only people around were my roommate and the gardener that was outside when I left and gone when I came back. My roommate now says he left at 2:45 but I never heard him leave then. They both deny ever seeing it but I know it was one of them. I searched the whole place of course. I then had a friend come over and clean out my whole room just in case. My room was nearly empty to begin with since I just moved here. Every time I tried calling it it would ring so it was still on but on silent.