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When I got my first Ipod several years ago my parents created an Apple ID, or whatever it was called back then, so I could download music.  This is where about 90% of my music was downloaded from.  When I got my Iphone 4S just over a year ago I created my own Apple ID with my own email address.  I used this ID to download more music.  I used this ID to sign in on my laptop and I downloaded some music from some CDs and other non-Itunes material.  However it will not let me sync my Iphone to this ID because it says it can only be synced to the other one and in order to sync it with the one under my email address I have to clear what is currently on my Iphone in order to sync with the small material on the Itunes library under my email address which is stupid because then I end up losing most of my music downloads.  What I am wondering is if there is a way to transfer material from my parents ID to mine so all of my stuff is in one place without having to clear my Iphone.   

iPhone 4S