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HELP ME!    

I won't lie, iTunes confuses the **** out of me. I thought I had it sussed though, clearly I was wrong...

Okay, got a new iMac when my last pc finally died. Synced my ipod to it no worries at all, never lost a song. I assumed it was because I had home sharing or because I'd authorised my new computer using my old apple id?

Now I have a problem though. This is the first time I've actually had a good look at what happens when I connect the ipod to itunes. It will let me add new music that I've burned from my cds. However, it won't let me save any of the previously burned music on this ipod to the itunes library, even though I used itunes and the same apple id to do it originally on my old pc. I want to do this so I can transfer some of the music to my iphone which has less memory (we have an ipod playlist and iphone playlist because of the memory available).

Is there a setting I've got wrong or is this because itunes legitimately believes I'm trying to infringe a copyright? I thought my apple id would mean they knew everything I'd done under that id before? Do I have to burn the cds all over again?

Pls ask me to clarify anything if I've not provided the right info.


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