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    AstroMacMan Level 2 Level 2 (290 points)

    Yep, had that same issue with Eudora.  I'm running it with Snow Leopard.  Every now and then, for unknown reasons, the deletion of e-mails will not work.  I simply quit and restart -- and everything is fine again.


    It only happens every week or two--so it's no big deal and well worth it to keep using Eudora.


    The ability to edit the titles of messages is an incredibly valuable feature--they don't even have to be in the In Box, you can retitle them, or add info to the titles of any message anywhere in any mail box.  I often get e-mails that are replies to old e-mails on different topics, or get e-mails that have blank subject lines, so this ability is priceless!


    Hmm...  I was considering upgrading to Mountain Lion, but the thought of losing Eudora and its amazing set of features is a bit disconeerting.

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    AstroMacMan Level 2 Level 2 (290 points)

    How do you work that?  Can you automatically boot up and have both systems running?


    Does it only take a click on an icon to switch to Eudora and fetch e-mail?


    Does it drag the system down some (or battery life) have a dual OS running situation?

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    ontravel Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I have a similar set-up to AstoMacMan


    I'm using a new MacBook Pro with Lion

    Under Parallels 7 I'm running Windows 2000


    You boot up into Mac and then start Parallels and chose your additional operating system to run, in my case Windows 2000. Then you open Eudora.


    I have Eudora running on the Windows part and Mail running under Mac simultaneously.


    I found the battery life on my old 2008 MacBook Pro not to be very good, but it appears much better on my new 2012 MacBook Pro and I always have both OSs running. UNLESS, I just need to quickly check incoming email at an airport, in which case I don't bother to start up Windows. If I DO need to reply in a hurry I copy myself and when I collect the copy the next time I load Eudora, I just adjust the subject according and file it in the outbox or sent archive.


    Hope that this helps.

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    EudoraRocks Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    For those preferring Mac version of Eudora, Parallels and at least one other virtualization app support Snow Leopard.


    Excellent directions for creating Snow Leopard VM with Parallels are at this Mac Forums thread:




    There remains some question whether it’s better to keep Eudora folder in Lion (or ML) Finder,* or keep it inside the SL virtual machine; discussion at above thread.


                       *accessed by Eudora on SL VM via Sharing


    Latter method working well for me for about ten days now. Eudora encountered errors when stored on my Lion disk, not inside VM.


    Long live Eudora!



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    jimmiedave Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I loved Eudora too, and  stuck with it until a few days ago. I  have to say, given the  state of the program's  support ( that is, none ), it's probably time to go.


    I had thousands of date-scrambled  messages,  corruption, duplicate emails, etc. I worked  with Python and a text editor to clean up my mailbox problems, losing some email on the way. I  finally got things decently cleaned up and used Eudora Mailbox Cleaner  to move it to Apple Mail.


    Yeah, Mail kinda ***** in comparison,  and was responsible for some of that mailbox corruption last time I tried,  but it's at least supported, and native now.


    Maybe think about getting off while you can do so in an orderly way...

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    EudoraRocks Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    I’d much appreciate knowing if you were using Parallels VM to run Eudora on Lion or ML, or other virtualization software, or what.


    I’m finding Parallels VM is definitely tricky, but haven’t yet abandonded the effort. At this point it’s looking less reliable than running in Snow Leopard was, which was wonderfully reliable. Trying to figure out if my setup is at fault or Parallels VM is too unreliable.


    (Definitely learned not to store Eudora data on VM, the hard way. Fortunately was able to recover data intact when VM became corrupted. Whew! But now having problems with data on Lion disc, accessing via VM shared folder. Also learned Lion Finder chews resource forks, so can’t use Lion to handle Eudora data at all. Must only use VM to handle Eudora data stored on Lion disk (that is, not stored in VM). I suspect that means Lion Time Machine backups won’t work, either.)


    Thanks muchly in advance,



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    jimmiedave Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Was running in Snow Leopard. Got my mail migrated to Apple Mail and haven't had to open Eudora since.


    I was periodically encountering Eudora corrupting mailboxes when moving a bunch of mail. Particular problems were huge HTML-formatted emails from a well-known brokerage, and virtually any RTF message from Outlook. Eudora would crash, corrupt a mailbox and not tell me, then not be able to rebuild the index properly. Trying to delete corrupted emails via Eudora only served to lock in the corruption.


    I spent weeks - literally weeks - with a text editor and Python sorting out the mess. Lost a bunch of emails (most of which I'd honestly not looked at in years and won't miss). I was able to do a regex search for lines including ???@??? where the first "?" wasn't the first character in the line. When I found that, I knew that (at least) the prior message was corrupt. But found so many I had to figure out how to automate the process in Python.


    De-corrupting mailboxes was an iterative process. Test in Python, fix with text editor, make the Python code a little smarter.


    Previous attempts at repair had left me with thousands of dupe messages, too. Some otherwise identical emails had different dates, due to date corruption problems. I had to sort out all the dupes.


    Once I handled corruption and dupes, I had the problem of thousands of identically-dated "sent messages". Eudora keeps only minimal date data with sent mail, and when it's wrong, there's nothing in the headers to recover.


    I was fortunate enough to have a backup of most of those thousands of incorrectly-dated sent messages dating from before the day-of-corruption. I wrote a python script that hashed each bad-date message, then looked through an index of hashes of the backed-up messages to see if it could find a correct message to swap in place. I thus rebuilt the sent messages mailbox.


    After all of this, I tried Eudora Mailbox Cleaner to move everything over to Apple Mail. This worked just great. I had to figure out I had one mailbox path that wouldn't convert, but everything else went fantastic.


    From Eudora, I'll mostly miss personalities, of which I was making intense use. Personalities don't show up in Apple Mail, nor in its available rules.


    Here's the big takeaway from me: though I loved Eudora, stayed on it for years and years, it's now terribly broken. If it's not crashing and corrupting your mailboxes every day, it's - at a minimum - eventually going to hold you back from having a currently-patched operating system - which is pretty problematic. It's been holding me back from getting an OS that supports full-disk encryption. I'd mostly stopped taking my Mac Book Pro out of the house for fear of what happens if it gets stolen out of the trunk. Right. I was doing that 'cause I just loved Eudora so darn much. Something wrong here.


    I spent so much time dealing with the corruption, sweating over all the dupes, the lost mail, the date problems, the constant crashing, the wondering when, whether, how I'd find something to replace it, that when I finally got done and off it, it felt like I'd escaped.


    It's like being in a toxic relationship with someone you love. Though you'd like to, you can't fix it, and you really should just go.


    You can love this software too much. Take it from someone who has. It's supposed to help YOU with the email, not the other way around. I think It's time to let Eudora rest in peace. Perhaps if we could shake off the spectre of someone building "someting just as good", someone could build "something new we haven't thought of yet" - which Eudora once was.


    I'm a little sad to say it, but I'm very happy to finally be free.

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    Detlef Kretschmer Level 3 Level 3 (960 points)


    They plan to come up with a useable version of MailForge by the end of the month

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    jimmiedave Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I wish the MailForge folks all the luck in the world, sincerely, but I've seen statements like that about MailForge for a couple years.


    When it's ready, it'll be ready and I'll try it again, but I'm not going to beta test an email client after all the developer scutwork I've just had to do to rescue my email.


    Best wishes to MailForge. In the end I found it was easier to change my high expectations of mail clients than to find a client that measured up.

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    EudoraRocks Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry to hear you had so much trouble!


    I take it you were running Eudora on a machine booted in Snow Leopard, since you didn’t mention a virtual machine. I’m still hopeful I can get to stable place with Parallels running SL on Lion. Until last month I was using Eudora on a Mini booted in SL (accessed via Screen Sharing) and rarely having any issue with Eudora, none significant. Either I’m not getting such complex messages as you were, or my settings are protecting me.


    I can relate to spending lots time over ones infatuation with Eudora. Hopefully I won’t end up spending months rebuilding messages (as if I’d have the time): I’m backing up often.

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