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After a while using pages, i decided to write a few projects on arabic but ran unfortunately into some strange problems.

when i example use characters like " . ( * { ] the characters appears at the beginning of the sentence, and not the end of it.


an example..  (look at the characters)


إلى أين تذهب.


إلى أين تذهب )


but i want it to do like this..


.إلى أين تذهب


) إلى أين تذهب


Another example is when i want to use a footnote, it comes like this..



                                                                                                                                                              1 باب


I want that at the right of the document like this..


                                          ١ باب                                   



Or when I need to continue to write i have to press the start of the sentence and not the end of it.

I hope its not too confusing :/