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i am coming from pc and while i have been using numbers periodically since moving to mac os i am finding that i do something really dumb in numbers. for some reason i am not understanding how to do this differently. can someone help me figure out if i can avoid this type of laborious and repetitive set of actions?


when i have to reformat a spreadsheet - where i need to move say 20 rows of text from some area towards the bottom of the spreadsheet to some area toward the top - i am finding that i do the following:


1. select all the rows i want to move and run a CTRL + X to cut

2. find the area that i want to paste these into (maybe this is the open row between some other sections) and then hit "Create New Row Below" button and hit Option and hit arrow down and try to create a ton of new rows (say 30 to 40) so that when i paste the new rows in i will not write over the rows below.

3. paste new content in.

4. go in and select all extra rows in this area and delete these.

5. go back to the area that i cut content out of and delete all these rows so that the content that previously sandwiched the cut content is together instead of having all the rows empty from where the content came out.


can anybody "un-PC" my brain on this one?


it is super laborious and sort of dangerous because it is easy to lose content doing this. i am on numbers 09 on lion.



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    With your mouse, you can drag and drop rows from one place to another. No need to go through all those steps you mentioned.  It should be in the Users Manual, found in the Help menu.

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    hi man. thanks.


    is there a way to do this without drag and drop?


    i sometimes have a spreadsheet that is 20 pages long and if i have to move something from the bottom to the top this drag and drop is sort of a problem.


    i mean, i think you were kind enough to help me with this answer a long time ago and i am now remembering that it did not stick over here because it is sometimes a problem doing this...


    any ideas?



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    I can't think of another way.  Zooming out might help. Depending on your document, maybe this would make it easier:


    1. Select the rows, drag them out of the table and drop them on the canvas to the right of your table so they create new table.
    2. Drag that new table to roughly where it needs to go in the original table.
    3. Select all the rows of the new table and drag/drop them where you want them in the original table.