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sorry for the multiple posts today but i am back in numbers and trying to perfect my technique.


is there a way to add a "hard" new page in numbers as i can do in excel? i am constantly adding content and then going down to the information below and having to delete rows in order to make sure my other pages don't start half way down the new sheet.


if not, is this something for tabs? if so, can anyone just quickly walk me through what i would have to do to take content from my spreadsheet that says "My Spreadsheet Name" at the top and then "Table 2" below it and separate this into separate tabs so that i didn't always have to do this?



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    Numbers will flow a table across page breaks, so you don't have to identify the break, as I think you know. There is no reason to be moving content from one table to another table. If you want to break a table sooner than necessary, for some formatting reason, Insert a blank row and size the row to force lower rows to the next page. In Print View, you can see what is going to happen when you print. If layout is your top concern, do your editing in Print View.