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my mom sometimes sends me an image of something and it shows up as going to some number (sometimes i don't know who this is since they are not in my contacts) and "3 others.


then when i respond i get some email from someone asking me some question because - well, - ah, because responding to the group text went to everyone in the group?!


can anyone tell me what is going on here or if i can send the text to the SENDER in some way? part of the problem is that when i get the text it does not show up as coming from my MOM and instead shows up as coming from the group somehow.


i mean, i can't quite figure out what is happening but i know i get a text from someone that is like "huh? it is snowing in alabama" and then i also get a reply from my mom in chicago...

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    in a group text when all user are on imessage, it will show the person who is sending the text, in your case your mom's contact info should be above the picture.


    Are you sharing apple id with your mom?

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    thanks! i am an idiot with this stuff and i only get a chance to try and figure it out once in a long while.


    I guess this is a "Group MMS"?


    so - i see here that the text today (the image) just shows up as a new "Messages" and that it is the only message showing under this number. the message is listed with a little mac group icon and then a number +1 (XXX) XXX-XXX, and then a tiny little bit of text that is the first two letters of my moms last name.


    and then i click on it and "To;" it shows the number (it is my cousing in california i guess) and then it says 2 more. and i see the image and then - well now i see a really tiny little bit of text over the image that shows my moms full name.


    when i reply, i get a response from my cousin in california whose cell number is apparently not in my contacts and i also get a reply from my mom and both come up as separate threads. with my cousins number coming up with a long list of texts that i have had with her in the past due to this same deal and then my moms response comes up under /her/ list of texts.


    but the group text shows as being a group but coming from my cousins number.


    not sure how to answer your question but i guess you are asking if me and my mom are logging into apple with the same id? she is actually not even on a mac so her texts are not coming from a iphone in any case.


    any ideas? it is really bizarre and sort of weird. maybe group texts are just not formatted or displayed well so i am not getting the important information up from in group Messages?



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    If you are getting a reply in separate text - that means not all the receipents are iphone users.

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    thank you.


    so when it comes in, how am i supposed to know who it is from since it comes in with a little group icon and then it lists my cousin's phone number.


    if i put my cousin's phone number in my contacts, then presumably the next time this happens it will look like SHE is sending the text...


    i mean, the only thing in there that i see that shows it was sent by my moms is a tiny little text with her name above the image...

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    Correct that means she was the one who sent the group text, since her name is above the image.


    Your cousin was probably the first person to respond to the text.

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    eh. not so sure this is what is happening.


    the group text shows up with my cousins phone number first and the only indication that it is from my mom is the tiny text above the image. i can see it is a group text but i can't see who it is from and it makes it look like it is from my cousin's number.


    when i respond i get a response back in a SEPARATE text thread from my mom and i get a SEPARATE text thread response from my cousin.


    there is no activity in the original group text and it is really confusing as to who this is coming from...


    seems like Messages should be able to show me who a group text is from a lot better....


    maybe i am missing something.



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    I have had a similar issue -- on multiple occasions.  Yesterday I sent a text with photo to 6 friends and family members (by just adding them to the recipient line).  Their replies were received by folks who were not part of the original string.  One person was a colleague whom I had evidentally called at some point, but was not even in my contact list.  This is very strange.  I'm using the latest IOS on an iphone 5. For now, I turned off group messaging, icloud and everything else that looked remotely related.