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Because of flexibility of layout, I created a picture book in Pages' Page Layout Mode.  It is a mix of text boxes, some connected, most not, and graphics.  I have highlighted and defined header text in each subsection as 'Heading 2'.  And it let me.


Now I want a working Table of Contents.  I've found that generating a TOC in Page Layout Mode is impossible.


So I created a Pages Word Processing doc with the same page size as the book, and moved the margin area to the far right of the page.  I enabled Page Thumbnails, and opened a chapter in the Page Layout Mode book.  I selected all pages in the thumbnails of the page layout book, copied, and pasted into the Word Processing document. 


All pages transferred with spacing, text, graphics intact.


However when I go to the Inspector>Document>TOC, ALL possible headings are greyed out.  I've gone back and reselected the headers I want as subheadings in the TOC, and when I try to Insert>TOC it says


"The table of contents is empty because none of the paragraph styles selected in the Document Inspector are used in the document."


Has anyone solved this?  I'm happy with the Page Layout version, and am capable of hand-creating a TOC, except it will not be 'live' where you can click on it and go to a specific page or section.