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I'm looking for a template for CV for pages. Any suggestions?

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    Jerrold Green1 Level 7 Level 7 (28,990 points)

    The Pages template chooser includes 17 resume templates.



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    VikingOSX Level 5 Level 5 (5,475 points)

    You can create your own CV template from scratch. In the Pages '09 user guide, this is addressed in chapter 13.


    You can also open CV templates created in MS Word. Modify to taste and save as your own private template. Some MS Word content may not retain formatting inbound to Pages.


    If you have a web presence, it might be useful to have an HTML5/CSS3 CV at the end of a web link -- with personal contact information filtered to your privacy need. If you are not comfortable with current web development, look into paying someone to do this for you. Put that web link to your CV on the back of a business card as a QR code, or with appropriate personal info filtering, on professional social media sites (e.g., LinkedIn).


    Here is a YouTube video by John McWade of Before & After on creating QR codes for a business card.

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    Just adding an images to Vikings first few lines

    Bild 2013-01-16 kl. 17.15.15.png

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    There are 2 CVs on the iPad: Modern Photo CV and Classic CV


    You can also purchase extra templates from places like Jumsoft, but you will need the Mac version to resave them and load them onto your iPad, because Jumsoft installs them directly into the Pages package.


    Another source for CV templates besides Word templates is http://www.iworkcommunity.com



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    Hey I'm Simon a french designer Resume for Apple Pages 5 :



    The best models of presentation to stand out 10 years of experience in graphic design and ergonomics to serve an essential communication tool. Find an internship, a job, improve your career. A resume is required to candidate for a job. Do to a huge amount of applications, we have made different models of high-impact resumes.