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When i open my itunes this is what i see i cant not see any text.. i have even tried to unistall and re download and it did not work .. SOME ONE HELP PLEASE !!!!!

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    That's consistent with trouble with the Segoe UI fonts on your system.


    If you're using Windows XP or Windows Vista, try Vortical's technique from the following post:


    Re: iTunes 10.1 Missing Text


    But if you're using Windows 7, try itunesTRK's suggestion from the following post:


    menu bar invisible

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    This could also be that iTunes has lost track of your "iTunes Library.itl" file, I get that often when I update iTunes versions.


    Since you're on a PC, try holding the Shift key as you launch iTunes and keep holding Shift until you see the prompt.  Then click on "Choose Library" and navigate to where your "iTunes Library.itl" file, which by default is in your iTunes folder unless you've moved it.  See if that pulls up your library.