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Ok, here's the deal. My iphone is a year old. My ipad two years old. Anyway, I went to go charge my phone the other night and the screen just went black. Whatever, I thought it died. Plugged it in, charging symbol shows up. Twenty minutes later I try to turn it back on, no luck. Screen instead pops up with the charging symbol. Let it sit over night, same thing in the morning.


I googled how to stop this. I tried to reset and I cannot system restore because the iphone isn't being recognized by my iTunes. I also tried charging via the wall and my computer with different cords. No dice


But then...Here's the strange thing. I cleaned the docking port with a soft brush. Plugged it in last night and it starts to work. Bar shows full battery life. I use it for an hour on apps and I go to bed. Wake up this morning and push menu. Phone says I have 10% batterly life and I unplug it. It instantly shuts down on me.


Now I plug it in and I see the charging symbol again. But it wont charge. If i unplug it shows the need to charge symbol.


***?! Can anyone tell me what is going on? I thought it was a defective battery but why would it then work perfectly last night and go haywire this morning?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.2
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    Most likely faulty battery or charging port. Make Genius reservation and take iPhone to Apple for quick free battery diagnostic testing. If problem and you have Warranty or AppleCare it will be covered. If battery problem and no coverage, it is $80 for perferct replacement iPhone 4S.

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    This worked For Me


    charging issue? with power adapter or comuter charging


    Make sure Cable is undamaged


    check if Charger works with other devices


    Try HardReset to see if battery capcity is calibrated by holding powerbutton and homebutton at the sametime for 15seconds


    cheers tjroc13

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    Yea, I tried the different cables. No dice. Also the hard reset did nothing. Charger did work with my iPad so I know that's not the problem.


    As for the battery, I called apple support today and I must say the man on the other end of the line was quite rude. Accusatory and almost threatening with the way he mentioned the charge that would be assessed for water damage or negligence.


    Brad: They mentioned to me a $200 replacement fee over the phone if there was damage done and I have coverage.

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    But only $80 if just the battery. Ask for battery replacement program service.