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Recently got a Mac Mini for my wife. We have drifted into the Apple world by way of iPhones and iPads and are making the switch from Windows. In any case my wife wrote a document in pages today and wanted to send it to a friend who is still in the windows world. I decided the best thing was to send it as a .pdf. When I click on the share menu item in Pages, the "send an email" choice is grayed out and unselectable. The three format choices are there on the menu in bold but when I try to select one nothing happens. No email is initiated or anything. I can hear the disk click a couple of times but that is it. What am I missing? Why is this not working. I found a work around but it will not work for my wife, she is not a technical type and "it just works" is one of the reasons we are switching to Macs. Thanks.



Pages 09, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), All recent updates applied.