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Purchased iPhone 5 in November.  Immediate connection problems with wifi - need to be within 4 metres of router to search or connect to wifi.  Nearest apple store 40kms away in Marbella and today was first time since purchase that I was able to visit the store.  Arrived at store at midday and spoke to assistant who checked the phone and said it was faulty.  He said I need to book appointment to have it checked again.  Sent to another assistant to be told there was no appointments until the next day which was impossible as I would be unable to visit the store again for at least another 6 weeks.  Asked if I could wait for a cancellation today but was told that every appointment would be attended (at 10 minute intervals).  I was completely unaware that if I was in receipt of a faulty product I needed to book an appointment to rectify their problem and upon explaining this to the assistant, he laughed and said it was my problem and not his.  Requested the manager, who witnessed the assistant laughing at the problem again, only to be told they would not deal with the issue without an appointment.  Am I crazy in thinking that if I made a complaint about a faulty product in any other store in the world, I would have to make an appointment to have it exchanged or repaired. If I had a technical issue or had broken the phone myself, I would understand the system but to receive a manufacturers faulty product and refused an explanation, is farcical.  Needless to say I left the store and now seem destined to have a £500 iPhone 5 with almost no wifi connectivity.  Is this normal Apple service?

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    It is normal to have to make a Genius Bar appointment at an Apple Store to receive service. The Genius Bar employees can tell from their computers and iPads the number of people ahead of you and the likely percentage of cancellations. They obviously knew they would not be able to complete your service without telling someone later in the day, who made an appointment, that they would not be able to help them that day.


    How would you feel if you had made an appointment and were turned away?


    You could send it in to Apple in the meantime rather than wait six weeks.


    And this is now pretty standard for all repair services.

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    Thanks for your reply.  Firstly, I must correct your statement of the term 'normal'.  Normal is classified in this instance when you purchase a product, only to discover that it has a manufacturers fault, that you return the said item and the problem is dealt with in a apologetic, sympathetic and prompt manner.  This is also called good customer service.  For example, if one had purchased a track suit from Abercrombie and Fitch that had faulty seams - I can categorically state that they would not require I make an appointment to complain and discuss the resolution of this issue.


    Secondly, the geniuses must truly live up to their name as they are able to foresee the future.  Their clairvoyance abilities are truly wasted at Apple as, according to you, they can predict 'no shows' without considering the possibility of traffic congestion, illness, death and forgetfulness.  Their schedules are set per 10 minutes according to the Store Manager and I therefore admire their foresight skills or maybe their hope for an extra 10 minute smoke break.


    Thirdly, if you have taken the time to peruse the forum, you would have realised that there is a hardware problem with the wifi on a lot of iPhone 5's.  Apple realise the problem and exchange for new without taking the phone apart.  Therefore, I would not have caused any pre arranged appointments an unnecessary wait or cancellation with my particular issue.


    Lastly, if I send my iPhone to Apple, should I, in the meantime, purchase another phone to make and receive calls just because Apple cannot provide satisfactory in-store immediate customer service.  I would concede to their system if I had broken or misunderstood the phone but I cannot abide by their attitude of 'we mucked up - we will sort it when we are ready'.  Apple - just not good enough! 


    Re your comment 'this is pretty standard for all repair services' - in my part of the world, if the product has a known fault - it should not be retailed and if some have slipped through the net, an immediate recall is made.  We are not discussing an item that has worn over time or low in cost but an item that is, for me, a lifeline and an important and note grail part of my working and social life.

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    You asked if it was normal and I responded.


    Not going to respond further to someone who equates returning a track suit to Abercrombie and Fitch to getting service on their iPhone. No point in it.

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    Think Deggie you are an exemplary Apple employee (or should be!).  Appreciate your 'no further response' as you obviously cannot equate good customer service to extremely poor service and if you perceive an example of such as condescending to the Almighty Apple Co, you are the wrong person to reply in the first instance.  Incidentally, where I am from, A&F track suits are the same price as IPad 3's.

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    Just to be clear, no one participating here, other than the moderators, work for Apple.


    I suggest next time you buy your iPhone from a company with higher rated customer service than Apple.

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    Thanks Deggie, hope the moderators recommend you to Apple - this must be worth a free iPhone 5 - you won't need wifi anyway as you will be too busy predicting client cancellations.  Also extremely interested in buying iPhone from a company other than the highly rated customer friendly Apple - please enlighten me.

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    I'm retired, I have no interest in working. Predicting workload, client cancellaions, voter turnout, sales demand, calls for police service by area, etc, etc., etc., is not clairvoyance, it is statistical formulas that are used in airlines, businesses, retail, airlines, train services, bus lines, etc.


    If you decide to switch I believe that HTC has the second highest rating for customer service for small electronics, Samsung 3rd, Nokia 4th. But you should do your own research, which you failed to do when taking your iPhone for service. Before driving 40kms for any kind of appointment I would have called first.