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Now I have a Name, this post is aimed squarely at: Matt K. English Communities Manager.


Since MONDAY this week, I have been struggling to sign in to these forums.

I do have an ID and Username that was in use here back in 2009, but can I access it, can I fiddle!


NOWHERE in the apple world is there any help,... correction, USEFUL help.

I have had to create a bogus identity in the end to be able to access the forum.


Can someone PLEASE contact me to tell me how I can use my genuine and elsewhere useable ID on this forum.


I have vented my spleen in a window entitled something like "Apple support suggestions" which I found in my delirious wanderings around apple world

....I imagine you will be able to guess how complimentary it was, but despite having my email address, Apple have singularly failed to help a customer in need.


iPad ver. 4.