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  • 15. Re: Problem deleting/removing partially downloaded podcasts from iPhone
    Strannix1979 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Superb!  This is what I have been waiting for.  Many many thanks to BigFus on this.  Will be posting this to https://discussions.apple.com/message/17968611#17968611 now...

  • 16. Re: Problem deleting/removing partially downloaded podcasts from iPhone
    Mr. Luigi Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Thanks to Al ofthe North for starting this disussion and a BIG THANKS to BigFus for his solution.


    Yeah BigFus!


    My situation has only one twist that others have not mentioned so I thought I'd add it here.


    After removing the offending podcasts via the "BigFus Protocol" I noticed that my memory usage had not changed on my iPhone or when I checked my memory status in iTunes.  I removed about 11GB of podcasts.  They're gone as far as I can tell.  But, my iPhone seems unwilling to acknowledge this.  Instead, I get a 11+ GB Yellow "Other" bar on my memory usage in iTunes for my iPhone.  I'm guessing that most of this "Other" relates to those podcasts.  I'm also guessing that this 11+ GB of memory is actually available for use and if I downloaded additional content, the yellow bar would change to reflect this.  I have not confirmed this, but that is my guess.  That yellow "Other" bar has been a source of mystery for other commenters in other discussions and no one really seems to know exactly what it is registering...although many have offered guesses.  If I don't follow-up to this post, please assume that when I do eventually add additional content to my iPhone 4S, it somehow "reset" the status of the yellow "Other" bar.  If it doesn't, I'll update this post.


    Despite the little yellow wrinkle in all this for me, great thanks again to BigFus for his help.


    Cheers, Mr. Luigi

  • 17. Re: Problem deleting/removing partially downloaded podcasts from iPhone
    Mr. Luigi Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Follow Up:  No matter what I did, I could not get rid of the 11+ GB of Yellow bar "Other" material hogging much of the memory on my iPhone.  And I was wrong above.  That Yellow "Other" material was eating up my iPhone's memory.  That 11+ GB of material was not useable for something else...just as if I had downloaded 11+ GB of music.  So...I eventually had to do a restore.  What I was worried about was losing all my App folders that I had spent HOURS creating.  The following got rid of the 11+ GB of Yellow "Other" material and left my App Folders intact.


    Step 1:  Backup your iDevice.  Go to the left bar in iTunes on your computer.  "Right Click" (click on the track pad with two fingers on a Mac) on your device's name.  Click on "Backup."


    Step 2:  Once your iDevice does its Backup a Restore option will eventually appear in the middle of the screen.  (You might have to click on the "Summary" icon at the top of the screen to see this message.  I can't remember).  Click on Restore .  You're going to have to wait a while as iTunes does some magic.  Eventually, a screen will appear that asks if you want to restore your iDevice as a New Device or From Backup.  Restore from Backup.  This is going to take some time as all your pictures, apps, etc. have to be reinstalled on your iDevice.  Get yourself some bourbon and ice and sit on the veranda for a while.


    Step 3:  Celebrate a fully restored iDevice with your App Folders retained, Yellow Bar back to normal.  Enjoy some more bourbon is desired.

  • 18. Re: Problem deleting/removing partially downloaded podcasts from iPhone
    KTDCommunications Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This worked for me, thanks!

  • 19. Re: Problem deleting/removing partially downloaded podcasts from iPhone
    SparklyFluff Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I wish this had worked for me... restoring from backup didn't work, in fact I had 7.1 GB after the restore, whereas I had 6.5 before it. I'm so angry that this is not something that is easily explained or resolved. Searching for this topic there are so many discussions and weird tricks that might work to fix it and it's frustrating for so many users!


    I unsynced my music and am re-adding now, although according to the bar I now have 8.1 GB of Other. Before iOS 6 I was always just able to delete my text messages since I send lots of pics and video of my son to my mom and it ends up taking up quite a bit of space. But since the update, that doesn't work anymore!


    I guess I should say goodbye to all my games and other apps since I don't what else to do to get that space back!

  • 20. Re: Problem deleting/removing partially downloaded podcasts from iPhone
    Alan Edinger Level 4 Level 4 (1,615 points)

    SparklyFluff & Mr. Luigi,


         The "Other" reported memory block as shown inTunes is not what you think it is. "Other" is data usage that does not fit neatly in the specific categories.


         It includes cash storage, temporary items, data from applications that are not "Music" & "Podcasts."


         And just because the "Other" group happens to approximate a few podcasts in size does not mean that that is  what it is. Mr.Luigi was able to reduce "Other" but there are other reasons for this.


         .e.g. on and iPhone, All of your voicemail recordings are listed in "Other." And when you backup and restore and iPhone, voice mail is not restored. Text messages attachments likewise.





         When you say "get that space back" you should consider it as data storage (because that is what it is) and undertstand that this space is necessarily used.





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