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    Jeremy Bohn wrote:


    Laurie, a quicker method rather than rotating all your images and keep them sorted by date is in iPhoto just drag one of the photos to another spot in your album, let go, then move it back. Then resyc with your iPhone. Your album will still be sorted in the right order but is now techically sorted "manually".

    If you're just using the albums this method is alright, but if you use the events it doesn't work as you can't order manually the photos in an event. If you rotate just the event though, the albums will still be wrong. So it's possible to rotate event by event, and then to manually sort album by album. Or it was faster, for me, to just select all the pictures of my library (~7000) and to rotate them 4 times. It took about 5 minutes to complete the process. Now all the pics on the iPad, albums and events, are correctly ordered. There still gonna be a problem though as soon as I edit an old picture, so it's really just a short term temporarly solution. We need to wait for an Apple fix, if they care doing so.


    PS: if you have any videos in your library, you can't select all to rotate. So you need to make a smart album with the citeria 'Photo is not Movie'. Then you have the list of all the pics. Just rotate.


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    Sort By Keyword in iPhoto. Sync. Done

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    As the person who started this thread approaching 4 months ago (and follows it daily), please let me remind some of you that not every body in these forums uses Mac's or iPhoto.  I am one of many that use PC's and iTunes to sync the photos with my iPad.


    I've tried so many different work-arounds that it is not even funny.  The ONLY thing that has worked (and that is only about 75% of the time) is to completely delete the iPod Photo Cache directory on my PC where the photos are located then allow iTunes to redownload all the photos to the iPad.  This normally puts them all in the correct (by name) order, however the next time you do any syncing of any type, the order gets screwed up again.


    I've used specialty program to adjust every date parameter on the files.  I've physically made changes to each file.  I've changed the date on my system and the iPad.  Nothing works.



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    InnerDivinity wrote:


    Sort By Keyword in iPhoto. Sync. Done


    This worked for me, but I suspect it wouldn't have if I had actually set any keywords for the photos in question. And I won't be surprised if the next sync screws up the order again.


    The issue I've been seeing is that the album order on my iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV) is changed so that all of the portrait orientation pictures are at the bottom. But note that this only applies to albums I've created recently. I've reported the issue to Apple but they seem to have no clue what's wrong.

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    Can I just add my two cents and say that while this issue is truly frustrating, I have found a CONCRETE solution that truly did work.  Download "Bulk Rename Utility" and install it.  Don't use any of the options at the bottom of the program interface UNLESS you still need to rename your filenames to reflect a date, such as 13-01-06 (2013-January-6th is what that means).  Only go into "Options" and then "Timestamp".  Then just select the middle option for all 3 selections.  That option is "Fixed".  So you would select "Fixed" for Date Created, Date Modified, & Date Accessed.  I set this option up and hit OK. Then I navigated to the folders where my pictures were located, and I hit CTRL-A to select all of them.  When I did this, all of the entries under the Created, Modified & Accessed Columns lit up green.  I then hit "Rename" in the bottom of his program and voila!  Hey presto, it worked like a charm.  Nothing actually got renamed; it was just the EXIF attributes that got changed, and now they all have the same date (today) for created, accessed & modified.  That really doesn't matter much to me since all of my photos were numbered by a preceding date format, i.e., "13-01-06 Mom & Dad" (the numbers representing 2013-January-6th) or "12-10-27 Party at Wendy's" (the numbers representing 2012-December-27th)....if you number them this way, with date formats preceding all of your filenames, it's a great way to not only keep descriptive filenames attached to your photos but always have them numbered chronologically, and this way they'll always increase in number as the year(s) progress.  I GUARANTEE THIS WILL WORK!  It's dumb, extremely dumb, that Apple hasn't programed an option into the default camera app by now to allow for different sorting options, but this is a workaround that really truly does work.  Once you're done with Bulk Rename Utility, I would recommend deleting your iPod Photo Cache folder on your computer, then desyncing your photos and then resyncing them to your phone.  They will then be in chronological date order, I guarantee it.

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    Just adding a prudent warning about solutions like this (mak(ing) any changes to the content or structure of the iPhoto library using any program other than iPhoto) from another user, in another thread... as well as my statement that the fact that these bugs have persisted for so long leads users to make such risky fix attempts.


    Rider, a genuine thank you for your sleuthing and sharing, although I don't feel comfortable making these changes due to the potential for additional/future problems, plus there is no way I will be wiping the Date Created EXIF info from 50k+ photos in my library.

    EastDog wrote:


    LarryHN wrote:


    At this stage the thread has gotten so convoluted that I have no idea what problem the poster is trying to solve but if you use the suggestion be VERY sure you have a good backup available as you may well need it




    Since Apple hasn't bothered to fix it, I'll happily remind everyone what the original problem is/was:

    "After doing all the upgrades noted above, I was unable to sync my photos to either my iPhone or iPad.  The sync would stop with an unknown error 1140 message.  I tried all kinds of things, including deleting the iPod Photo Cache folder, restoring the iPad software and setting it up as a new device, and rebuilding the iPhoto library.  If I unchecked the sync photos option in iTunes the sync would run to completion (but of course not sync any photos!).  There were two other oddities in all this.  First, when I would check the iTunes box to sync photos, the option to select specific events was greyed out.  Also, even though there appeared to be no photos on the iPhone or iPad, the little disk usage bar in iTunes would show a couple GB of space allotted to photos.  Clearly something was hosed."


    LarryHN wrote:


    A STRONG warning



    You should NEVER make any changes to the content or structure of the iPhoto library using any program other than iPhoto


    If you use this or any other program to change the names of files within the iPhoto library you will no longer be able to access those photos via iPhoto




    Kind of ridiculous that people have resorted to such hackish and risky attempts to work around the utter inability to sync photos which was clearly broken (for how many, and which users, I have no idea) with an iPhoto update... but without a fix or peep from Apple, that's what people resort to.  Apple, fix this ASAP, ya clowns!

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    Bottom line is that workarounds are not the solution.  I spoke to senior tech and they believe the program is functioning as designed.  Only way to to fix, is that Apple needs to change their design.  That will happen only if enough people complain.  The only forum they look at is  We need everyone to do so.  

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    This workaround works, as long as you don't use keywords! Set the sort in iPhoto by Keywords, date Ascending, and when you sync to iOS Photos, your sort order will be by ascending date taken, without the date modification idiocy imposed by Apple.

    InnerDivinity wrote:


    Sort By Keyword in iPhoto. Sync. Done


    In response to TFoufas' comment that Apple senior tech saying they think the software is functioning as designed, I can only say that this is one small representation of Apple beginning its downward slide, as every major hardware/software company has followed once they get too big and complacent.


    What a shame...

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    In desktop iPhoto sometimes have the problem of some but not all photos sorting on modification date rather than creation date.  Lightroom and other editing software correctly sorts them by creation date but iPhoto goes to modification date. So the creation date is exists correctly. For now I am creating albums and manually sorting by creation date.  Usually there's only one or two photos that sort wrong.  Also sometimes after a month or so they just self correct.  Syncing to a device replicates the album usually but sometimes the album on the ios device doesn't match the desktop iPhoto album.  I am hoping Apple will fix, problem started with Mountain Lion and/or ios 6.

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    Sort by Keywork works for me. What the heck! Not a programmer, but I would say this could be fixed.

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    Thanks to everyone on this thread for the information and suggestions. However, using keyword sort in Events did not work for me. I have photos from iphone and Canon camera. Keyword sort makes two "sets" of photos within the one event, one set for each device.


    The suggestion to create an album, then manipulate one photo out of order and put it back DOES work. When the album is synced to ipad/iphone, the album "holds" the sort order properly. But this is a lot of extra work! Looking at Events on iMac and Apple TV is fine, but to view photos in order on ipad and phone an album must be created and synced.


    Is there any new fix to this problem? Thank you.

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    I'm curious if anyone has any answers on my current syncing. I have a mac, all of the latest updates on it, i photo ect... After doing a new i photo and then deleting my old cahe and resyncing with i tunes, I have managed to get all of my many albums and photos to fall in perfect order. I have about 90 albums with about 23,000 photos amongst them that I use for business (scanned images) for customer's inventories and tons of designs that I have to keep track of and view as a catalogue.


    My current problem is that when I update any photo or scanned image and resynce through i tunes, the album won't update like it did for the 3 years before the Sept. change. And I've tried deleting the album, syncing and then adding it back and syncing again-----and no luck. I know that if I delete the cache again, it should resync everything correctly but it takes to long to keep doing this everytime that I update some albums.


    I was just wondering if anyone else has had any luck on this issue.



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    Not saying this will work for everyone, but I found a solid solution that worked for me.  I don't use iTunes, I use Lightroom to export to a folder which I've set to sync with my iPad.


    Simply renaming the exported images to a simple sequence of numbers, WITHOUT ANY PRECEEDING ZERO's semed to do the trick.







    Hopefully this helps some.

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    This solution uses the Application "Automator" which is already on your Mac.


    1) Order your photos by naming them 001_FileName.jpg, 002_FileName.jpg, etc.

    (use 001.jpg not 1.jpg as it won't work past 9.jpg)

    2) Download the Automator Action "Touch File" and Install it (Follow insructions, really easy)


    3) Launch Automator

    4) Choose "open an existing workflow"

    5) navigate to and select "Touch Files.workflow"

    6) In the Finder, select the folder containing your images

    7) In Automator, change the Creation Date and the Modified Date to whatever you want

    8) Check the box "Apply to contents of folders"

    (This will change the creation date and modified date for the folder you have selected and everything in it)

    9) Sync your iPad photos with your folder in iTunes


    This works for me every time.


    Hey Apple, how about giving us a sort option in iTunes Preferences?

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    This worked for me.  Thank you.

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